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Professional Commercial coffee grinder Machines

The method of filter coffee makers is to first pour the powdered coffee into a paper or metal filter and then place it in the hopper of a professional coffee machine. After this step, the cold water is poured into the water tank of the machine, which is then directed directly into the hopper after reaching the boiling point. Usually in the outlet of the device is a glass or ceramic teapot which is poured after the water is poured. Boil on the ground coffee, pour the brewed coffee into it, and after the coffee machine is ready, you can pour it into your cup or cup as needed. In the following we will explain in detail the way and types of coffee makers.


Which coffee grinder to choose for an espresso?

Do you own an espresso coffee machine and don’t know which coffee grinder to choose? Then we certainly have the answer to your question. Our assortment of coffee grinders for espresso machines contains a selection carefully thought out so that you can find the model you need. A coffee grinder is an investment that is very profitable when you know that 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed per day in the world and that the French are the 8 th largest consumers in the world with 5.8 kilos of coffee per year per individual. In France 90% of adults drink it, as much at home as at work or in bars and cafes, and in restaurants at dessert time.

After this introduction, it is therefore interesting to know which mill to choose and therefore which capacity is right for you. First, to choose your product, it is ideal to know what coffee flow you have. If you estimated serving a small amount of coffee a day compared to the average, then you can head for a product with smaller capacity. The 8 kg grain mill from Diamond should suit you as it is currently the smallest in our assortment. The capacity of this 8 kilo mill gives you sufficient throughput if your usage is reduced.

Do you have a moderate flow of coffee daily?

Then the 9 kg capacity coffee grinder can suit you. This grain mill is the medium model of our range in terms of capacity. This machine will allow you to grind a moderate amount of coffee beans thanks to its 9kg tank. The 13 kilo coffee grinder is currently the largest model in our range and will be useful if you have a large flow of coffee. The large capacity of this mill is interesting for you in order to grind a maximum of grains thanks to a powerful machine which offers an extremely fine ground grain.

The automatic and electric coffee grinder is generally composed of food plastic and stainless steel. Plastic for maximum lightness and transparency, and stainless steel for easy maintenance.

A cheap electric coffee grinder

If you are looking for a cheap electric coffee grinder, then you will certainly find a model among our assortment. If a manual mill is certainly less expensive, it is however much slower and requires the intervention of your hands and arms. The electric mill, unlike the manual mill, will allow you to achieve a quick and efficient grinding. This grind will be fine and of quality and produced without the effort of your arms. While the milling is going on, you can tackle another task and save precious time. Find the mill that suits you and at a very favorable price. The ideal model is necessarily among our range and you will have an extended use thanks to the stainless steel.

Indeed, stainless steel is a very robust material that will last for years and offers you an extremely fine and quality grind. Find the product of your choice and do not hesitate to contact us to find out the status of our stock in order to find out more about delivery. If the product is in stock, then delivery will be made within 2 working days for Belgium. In addition, when the product is in stock, it takes more or less 3 days of delivery for France. The delivery price is € 9.95 excl. Tax for Belgium and delivery for France is € 24.95 excl. Tax.

The coffee beans ground by your electric mill will be intended for your espresso or espresso machine but also for your Italian coffee maker or any other kind of coffee maker. Your Italian coffee maker will bring out the best aromas of your finely ground coffee from your electric grinder. The stainless steel blades of our mills will cut the coffee beans and land directly in the tank provided for this purpose. you can then use your ground coffee stock and use your espresso or espresso machine.

We also have an assortment of coffee filters for your machines and coffee makers. The quality of the filter is important, it will retain the best aromas and will also give you the opportunity to make ice coffee much appreciated in summer. Ice coffee or iced coffee is usually served with ice cubes, with or without milk, to be enjoyed pleasantly in summer and will be very refreshing.

As with your manual or electric mill, the filter is available for delivery. The speed of delivery will depend on the stock. It is always preferable to contact us in order to know the state of our stock and thus be informed about delivery times. The tank of your mill will be small, medium or large capacity.

The electric coffee grinder

The electric coffee grinder was born almost a century after the manual mill, from the mind of Jean Mantelet, future founder of … Moulinex. The electric coffee grinder has two main advantages over the manual coffee grinder:

Advantages :

It allows greater grinding precision: electric coffee grinders offer a greater amplitude in the fineness of grinding. Some models have adjustment “notches”, others offer a continuous calibration system with numerical marks, allowing even more precision in the degree of finesse
It protects your biceps: as the name suggests, the electric coffee grinder is … electric. Ideal for those who do not have time in the morning, and for lazy people.


The price: the purchase of an electric coffee grinder represents a greater investment than the purchase of a manual coffee grinder
Noise: the purring of an electric mill is likely to wake up your other half in the morning (especially if you start your day at 6am). But unless you want to grind coffee for a regiment, the engine noise will not be delayed for more than ten seconds.

Choosing the right espresso grinder

Not all electric grinders make espresso, at least a good espresso. Indeed, some mills do not offer sufficient amplitude to obtain a sufficiently fine grind. So be careful to check this point if you plan to buy a grinder to make espresso at home.

Our favorite electric coffee grinders at Belleville:

electric coffee grinder still

The Encore electric mill from Baratza is a good option. At the entry level, its conical grinding wheels offer 40 different adjustment notches with a graduation system which will allow you to adapt your grinding size to all filter methods. However, it is not advisable to make espresso because the degree of finesse leaves something to be desired, unless you have a pressurized filter (with a single outlet hole unlike the conventional filter).

electric coffee grinder this 270

The Sat 270 electric mill from Baratza represents the range above: approaching a professional mill, it offers a more efficient motor and a more precise and homogeneous grind, allowing to enjoy a good espresso and n no matter what filter method. Thanks to its control panel, it also allows you to program different grammages according to the methods you use: saving time welcome in the event of a hurry!

So, to choose your domestic coffee grinder well:

Flee the blade mill

Do not dwell on the comparison between the types of grinding wheels (shape or material)
Choose a manual coffee grinder if you only make filter coffee, have a limited budget and want to make coffee everywhere, even in the mountains.
Choose an electric coffee grinder if you are making espresso, if you do not want to waste time in the morning or if you want a super-precise grind (and your wallet allows it).

Great, you are now ready to make good fresh coffee at home! But by the way, do you know that the water you use is also an important criterion? To learn more, it’s here

If you’re a real coffee lover, and the proud owner of a great coffee maker, you’ll know how important grinding beans really are. And the fresher the ground coffee, the more flavor it releases.

This is the reason why many consumers prefer to grind their coffee beans themselves, just before making a very dark espresso. Equipped with a mill, they prepare their grinding at the last moment, only a few moments before consuming their extraction. This is how they make the most of all the freshness and aromatic power of their favorite drink.

What type of coffee grinder should I use for an ideal rendering? Is a multi-position shredder a real advantage or just a gadget? How to manage the setting? Can a poor quality grinder damage your coffee beans? Do espresso machines require the use of a grind identical to that required for a filter coffee maker, for example?

The modern electric mill is far from the first models that appeared more than 5 centuries ago! As soon as coffee arrived in Europe in the 16th century, the first consumers quickly grasped the importance of developing a specific solution for coffee. Indeed, the pepper mill was not suitable, giving a more than approximate result.

It was then that the inventors of the time began to compete in ingenuity to offer their version of the perfect object. Equipped with grinding wheels, then metal cylinders, inlaid with precious stones, carved from the noblest wood species, the coffee grinder has been transformed over the centuries, only to be popularized by the Peugeot company. Long before manufacturing automobiles, the brand allowed France to shine across Europe for the simplicity, efficiency and robustness of its manual coffee grinders. Everyone has already seen one of these square wooden boxes, topped with a crank!

Little by little, this obsolete grinder began to give way to electric models, made of steel, stainless steel, then ceramic to achieve the best respect for the integrity of the coffee, and allow express preparation.

Today, any good bar or restaurant has an electric mill, which produces a perfect grind instantly, and dosed to perfection. Far from being trivial, this device is a real advantage for getting the most out of different models of coffee makers, and of each coffee bean.

How does a modern coffee grinder work?

It has a store (bean container or hopper). These fall on order, then are crushed. Several methods make it possible to reduce the coffee beans to powder:

  • Stainless steel blade mill.
  • Steel or ceramic flat grinder.
  • Conical grinder, also in steel or ceramic.

Coffee can be ground instantly or in advance, depending on the model and taste. The dosing mills which grind the coffee a little in advance store it and then deliver it on command by actuating a lever. Conversely, other models have a very precise timer that allows you to grind instantly, delivering the perfect weight of coffee to fill the filter. This is often the type of mill that is preferred for use in a bar or restaurant to load the filter holder of an espresso machine.

Several schools coexist: some prefer to have a small reserve of ground coffee, while others prefer a ground coffee at the time. However, note that a coffee ground in advance can lose its aromatic complexity. Everyone is free to choose their side and make up their own mind.

Homemade coffee separation bar

What are the different types of shredders?

Depending on your coffee maker and its capacity, but also on the coffee and its roasting, the grind will have to be perfectly adapted to make the most of all the aromas from your extraction.

The blade mill

It is the simplest type of device in its class. Practical and compact, it lacks precision according to the opinion of professionals.

The grind is prepared using stainless steel blades, rotating at high speed. The rendering is not very homogeneous, moreover, it does not offer the possibility of controlling the fineness of the grinding. It is therefore more suitable for the use of a French press than for an espresso machine.

Be careful not to grind your beans for too long with this type of device. As the blades turn quickly, they tend to heat up, which could potentially affect the quality of your preparation.

The conical wheel mill

This type of device already offers more possibilities in terms of result. The wheel, either ceramic or steel, grinds the grains more efficiently than a blade model.

The wheel mill can, therefore, be used for the use of all types of machines (filter coffee maker, plunger, or espresso coffee maker). It is the first step to enjoy good, fresh coffee.

However, you have to be careful because it is not the most precise device for the homogeneity of the grind.

It can be equipped with a tank to grind a certain amount in advance, or be equipped with a timer to prepare the weight just necessary for the preparation of an espresso. Just find the right setting to ensure a constant amount.

The flat wheel mill

It is most certainly the best performing model. Its wheels can be either stainless steel or ceramic. Both precise and fast, it offers the possibility of choosing the ideal setting according to the type of coffee machine used.

The flat wheel mill is the ultimate bar appliance. It can also be equipped with a timer or a grind tank. However, coffee professionals prefer the timer solution, ideal for preparing espresso coffee. Thus, the beans are ground express, instantly, just before being prepared and then consumed, providing consistent quality to each cup.

Among other advantages, it turns out to be the quietest of the mills. A significant advantage when you know the noise that some models can make.



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